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A holiday home can mean a lot of things in terms of preparations: adorning the front porch with a wreath and lights, stocking up the bar cart with seasonal libations, and setting the table for a festive dinner. Even the tiniest of touches can make your home both more inviting to guests and a great wintertime sanctuary for you. “This is where the KISS method comes into play—Keep It Simplified, Santa,” says Lisa Eckerle, professional organizer and founder of Indianapolis-based Sort Support. In terms of holiday home decor, this could mean sticking to one or two main hues to create a streamlined narrative between all the vignettes to make “your home feel festive, neat, and more upscale,” Eckerle adds.

As you spruce up your holiday home, keep the function in mind. “Invest in an inexpensive bar cart to have festive cocktails at the ready, no matter in which room

Can You Clean Laminate Floors with Bleach


Laminate flooring gets manufactured from either plastic or wood. Plastic laminate floors look and feel like faux stone or wood, even though they get made entirely of plastic, while wood laminate is a synthetic material that mimics the look and feels of natural wood. The durability and attractiveness of your laminate flooring depend on your ability to keep them in good condition. So how do you go about cleaning your laminate floors, and can you use bleach on them?

Can I Clean The Laminate Floors With Bleach

You shouldn’t clean your laminate flooring with bleach. Bleach can damage the finish of a laminate floor if left on for too long, but a quick wipe-down with a dry rag should remedy the problem.


Nothing beats the power of bleach to kill germs and other contaminants when disinfecting laminate countertops. There is always the risk of seepage between the floorboards,

14 Interior Design Trends Here To Stay In 2023

Interior design trends come and go, but if you’re currently in the process of designing your home, buying a new one, or just doing a quick space refresh, you’re probably doing a deep dive into what’s the next big interior design trend. are. After all, while you want to avoid interior design trends going away, you shouldn’t let trends solely dictate your interior design decisions. “A well-designed home tells your story; not the story of the giant retailer who’s ultimately more interested in your wallet than your wall,” says Shay Hollandinterior designer, and star of HGTV’s Unfinished Business. “The most memorable spaces—while they may be informed by trends—boldly convey a person’s unique style and that’s hard for any one trend to capture.”

Still, if you’re planning to sell your home in the coming year or need

What Light Color is Best for your Kitchen


When you set the light switch on in your kitchen, you expect a bright illumination that uncovers every darkened corner. Natural light is our guideline to follow for the best results in kitchen lighting and there are more choices today than ever before beyond the kitchen, from the living room to the home office.

When contemplating what color light is good for kitchen functions, many factors need to be considered. You may remember the single incandescent bulb that was mounted to the kitchen ceiling light fixture that let off a yellowish-white light in the room. A lot has changed in the scope of evaluating light source color rendition in the past ten years. It has now become a complicated science that measures space and elemental calculations compared to human perceptions.  


Table of Contents

Understanding Color Light

For most of us, having a grasp on the technical explanation is

Home-Decor Trends That Will Be Popular in 2023, According to Experts