Valentino Architects converts Maltese mill into family home

Local practice Valentino Architects has transformed a cluster of heritage-listed buildings in the village of Attard, Malta, into a family home called Mill House.

The studio added first-floor bedrooms to each of three rough, stone buildings, which date back to the 16th century, that surround a central courtyard.

Stone house in Malta with glazed corridor
Valentino Architects has created The Mill House in Malta

Valentino Architects aimed to unify the former mill buildings with the addition of a starkly contemporary walkway overlooking the courtyard that links the existing structures.

“Introducing new cohesion between the buildings to create a family home, the designs positions an outdoor courtyard as a connecting agent, allowing the disparate spaces to each communicate with the sun-soaked hearth of the home,” said the studio. “A glazed walkway curates this connection, functioning as a binding passage between the three volumes.”

Glazed walkway in The Mill House by Valentino Architects
It features a glazed walkway overlooking a courtyard

An entrance hall framed by stone arches

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks: Made in the USA


They make stainless steel products all around the world. North America came in third in the production of fabricators in 2015, following Asia and Europe. Selecting a stainless steel kitchen sink of the highest quality can be challenging to track down because of the international companies that trade with the USA. 

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Why are Stainless Steel Sinks Made in the USA

To the average homeowner, a new sink made in the United States may show little difference in quality. A standard-size stainless steel sink in China often looks the same as one made domestically. The primary difference between international and USA manufacturers is the regulations and standards.


For example, China does not comply strictly with high-quality standards like the United States. They may use inferior materials with no one knowing. While Asia has recently secured stainless steel products at a lower price, they regulate the best

Tour a Brutalist Home in Zurich That Embodies Tranquility | Architectural Digest

when Victoria-Maria Geyer was presented with an opportunity to design a home in Zurich, it felt like a dream come true. That home was a Brutalist masterpiece by renowned Swiss architect Ernst Gisel was—for the Hamburg-born, Brussels-based interior designer—a career-defining moment. “When the homeowners asked me to come on board, I had to do this,” Geyer said, pinching his own hand. “They sent me pictures of the house, and immediately I was seduced.” The gravitational pull of the home lured Geyer from Brussels to Zurich with the task of adding heat and texture to concrete and steel.

Located in Küsnacht, a wealthy enclave some 15 minutes by car from Zurich’s city center, the home was purchased by the clients in 2021. While the shell of the structure was a Brutalist marvel, the interiors left a lot to be desired. “The previous owners lived in the house as it was built,”

How Long Does it Take to Install Kitchen Countertops

How long does it take to install kitchen countertops? Installation of your new countertops in the kitchen breaks down as prep work, material transport, removal, installation, adjustments, and cleanup. Also contributing to the installation time frame is the size of your kitchen, the type of material, and the size of the project. 

One fact is that kitchen countertop installation is lengthier than bathroom countertops because the kitchen has more countertop space to install. The other fact is a professional contractor will take less time to do this than a DIY project, yet the DIY route saves labor costs. A contractor has a qualified and insured installation team helping for the best results; a DIY job is you or you and someone else doing this with general rules and no specific outline.


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The Prep Work

The purpose of prep work is to minimize delays and speed up

Unique Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles


Kitchen cabinets and drawer fronts are an introduction to your kitchen. The appliances and lighting are equally important, but nothing catches the eye like those framed cabinet beauties. Regardless of your overall kitchen design and layout, making the right choice of unique kitchen cabinet door styles speaks tons about the room’s atmosphere.

While design and technical teams are working on the delivery of futuristic kitchens, the beauty of this area should never be forgotten. Providing uninterrupted work surfaces, virtual window backsplashes for recipes, and kitchen cabinet doors that open on command, may sound intriguing, but kitchens should never lose their taste in style. 


By exploring the popular styles and not-so-common choices of new cabinet doors, I will amaze you at how cabinets can easily shape your kitchen. The following examples can help in designing kitchens before the actual work begins. 

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Flat Panel Cabinet Doors