4 Home Interior Trends for 2023, According to Interior Designers

This past week, CB2 released its third annual Next in Design Report. With survey results from 552 interior designers, the modern furniture and contemporary home decor store revealed the cultural and design inspirations that will influence home interior trends for 2023.

“In 2023, we’re embracing expression and exploration,” Ryan Turf, President of CB2, said in the press releases. “It’s about the story our homes tell—inviting new and distinct voices to the conversation and not being afraid to indulge and show that off a little.”

From polished coziness to luxury details, these will be the biggest home interior trends in the new year.

White boucle couch with black shelf and black and white floors

Refined Comforts

According to the CB2 study, 79 per cent of the survey respondents said that coziness is more important than perfection. You can prioritize comfort in your home by opting for deep seating and comfortable textiles and using thoughtful home organization systems to curb unnecessary clutter. Decorating your home with a refined color palette of light neutrals, warm whites, ivories, and neutral green accents will help make your home achieve the hygge aesthetic.

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New Voices

“Design, who it inspires and what it touches, impacts everyone. Inclusivity has to be a part of that experience, especially at home,” Andrea Erman, CB2 Divisional Merchandise Manager, stated in the release. “New voices are reshaping the face of iconic design, and we see people embracing that in interiors, creating moments that feel richer and more layered.”

The report acknowledges that Western European aesthetics heavily influenced interior design trends for years. However, 2023 will usher in more incorporated perspectives, visions and references to expand perspectives to discover art, architecture and techniques from Africa, South America and more regions around the globe.

Get inspired to add more diverse design choices to your home by shopping from local brands that highlight cultural identity through craftsmanship or by decorating your home with souvenirs from your travels.

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Luxury tablescape in a purple dining room

The Art of Entertaining

After a few years of social distancing, we’ll never take gatherings with family and friends for granted. With this in mind, welcoming guests into our homes and practicing the art of entertaining will continue to be a priority for many in 2023. CB2’s report states that this will be the year to level up your hosting game.

Not sure where to start? Learning how to decorate a tablescape or simply serve a cake that doubles as decor is one way to impress guests at any holiday feast or intimate dinner party. CB2 also recommends investing in one-of-a-kind serveware with unique product origin stories or decorative accents that make a bold statement to guests.

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Maximalist tablescape with colorful tray and candle sticks

Cautious Hedonism

The CB2 report declares that 2023 is the year of “reframing wellness to be about the pursuit of pleasure.” Now that’s a resolution we can get behind. Let this be your sign to go wild with patterns and textures and bring luxury resort vibes into all areas of your home, especially your bedroom or outdoor space. Look for ways to incorporate a full sensory experience into your home, from indulgent scents to ambient lighting. 2023 will be the year of leaning into maximalist pattern play and incorporating textiles like linen, velvet and boucle with a rich color palette, like Pantone’s vibrant color of the year.

For more ways to get your home up to date in the new year, check out these decorating trends on their way out for 2023.

Images courtesy of CB2.