How to Arrange a Narrow Children’s Room

For Citinews friends who already have a small family, you definitely want to give the best for your baby, right? If so, Citinews friends must know how to arrange a narrow child’s room. Children need a large room so they can move actively and be agile. By having a spacious room, children can also rest well and comfortably.

One of the causes of a child’s room being cramped is the improper arrangement and the number of items that are not needed. Therefore, Citinews friends must know how to arrange a narrow child’s room by considering and preparing the items they need.

HOW TO ARRANGE A Narrow Children’s Room

Children’s rooms are like their world at home, because they can rest, study, play and do various other activities in the room. Therefore, children need spacious and comfortable rooms so that they can do their activities well. The following are some ways to organize a narrow children’s room, including:


The first way to organize a simple narrow room is to choose space-saving furniture. That way, Citinews friends can place a lot of stuff without having to make the room cramped. Make sure you can maintain a balance between the proportions of the furniture and the bedroom area, so that the results are just right.
Citinews friends can also choose furniture that can accommodate all the children’s items in the room safely and neatly. So that children do not have trouble finding the things they need.


The next way to arrange a narrow child’s room is to take advantage of each side of the room space. Children definitely have a lot of things they need from stationery, toys, and study desks and more. If you can’t use every side of the room, then the room will look cramped.

Citinews friends can place the child’s wardrobe on the right side, then next to the study table, and can use the back of the door to put clothes hangers. In arranging a simple narrow bedroom, make sure there is no distance in placing children’s belongings.


At first glance, lighting doesn’t really affect the size of a child’s room, but the right lighting is an important factor in arranging a child’s bedroom to be comfortable.
With sufficient lighting, children can study well and the bedroom will be brighter and seem spacious. But if the child’s room lacks lighting, it makes them uncomfortable, lots of mosquitoes, makes eyes damaged and so on.


The next way to arrange a room to make it look beautiful and spacious is to combine the colors of the room that the child likes. That way, children don’t get bored easily when they are in the room for a long time, they can also be more enthusiastic about learning activities in the room. Choose a mix of paint colors that describe the child’s characteristics.

In this case, the way to arrange a narrow child’s room is to choose bright colors such as pink, salted egg blue, yellow and others. Light colors make the room seem wider, but the color of the room must also be adjusted to the items in it so as not to crash.


The next way to arrange a boy’s or girl’s bedroom is to choose multifunctional furniture. This is to maximize the limited space and keep the room tidy, considering that children often store things carelessly and scattered.

As for how to arrange a narrow children’s room using multifunctional furniture that Citinews friends can choose, namely bunk beds with drawers. These items can add room to store other items as well as can be used as a study table.

Or if you want to buy a special study table for children, choose a study table that has shelves to store books and chairs that can be put under the study table so that the bedroom remains neatly organized.

Those are 5 ways to organize a narrow children’s room that Citinews friends can do. Do not forget to pay attention to cleanliness and adequate air circulation in the room so that the child remains comfortable.