Jimmy Fallon, Cara Delevingne’s Tonight Show Home-Decor Chat

Photo: Architectural Digest/YouTube

Instead of converting it into a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cara Delevingne has chosen to live in the $10.8 million questionably decorated Gramercy Park triplex she bought from Jimmy Fallon. As she told Fallon on The Tonight Show this week, she loves the decor — basically the Overlook Hotel in The Shining with a maximalist color palette. “I’ve kept it all. It’s creepy,” she said. “I tried to design my house in LA basically like that without knowing that house.”

Delevingne is telling the truth! She has described her LA home — an English-country-style mansion built in 1941 for the founders of the Vons supermarket chain — as an “adult playhouse” and it lives up to the reputation: There’s a costume dress-up room, a Lynchian poker room, and, naturally , a ball pit. She cites escape rooms and Hugh Hefner as influences, both of which are conceptually fused in a hidden lounge she calls the “pussy palace.”

Since her new Gramercy apartment is a triplex, it will be a bit more difficult to Razor-scooter from place to place as she did in her Open Door tour. (“If you’re bored, you’re boring,” she said. Okay!) I do wonder, though, if Delevingne will install another “rotisserie-chicken thing” in Fallon’s relatively tame kitchen, even if she’ll never use it.