‘Japandi’: Why Japanese-meets-Scandi design is taking over the internet

Write by Hanna Pham, CNN

The cozy cleanliness of Scandinavian interiors and the minimalist beauty of traditional Japanese decor have made them both staples of modern home design. Now, there’s a growing trend of combining the two: “Japandi.”

Google searches for the term jumped dramatically in the winter of 2020, as people around the world redesigned their homes amid Covid-19 lockdowns. Interest has been rising steadily ever since, according to data from Google Trends.

“I think a lot of people were looking for a style that is relaxing,” said Laila Rietbergen, author of the new book “Japandi Living” in an email interview. “The serene and calming aesthetics of Japandi style and the craftsmanship items that are more durable fit perfectly within these needs.”

An earthern tea pot sits on a sleek wooden table designed by Woodchuck, styled by Tinta.

An earthern tea pot sits on a sleek wooden table designed by Woodchuck, styled by Tinta. credits: Wij Zijn Kees

Zeitgeisty as it seems, this design fusion

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Colors can range from white and cream to soft yellows, warm pinks, muted greens, and baby blues. Orange-reds are also an option and are popular with country and rustic decors. Select three hues that you favor and start creating. Keep in mind the rooms and hallways are lying in proximity, so none of the hues contradict your current color scheme.


A French country style bedroom is a great place to begin your style transformation. From the color palettes to grand French Country bedding ideas, your room will feel lighter, brighter, and more natural. Make this

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Displays whimsical, unique and colorful interior design in a rare mid-century modern home in north Scottsdale, a property listed for sale at $1.50 million.

Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty has listed for sale Julia Buckingham’s of Buckingham Interiors Scottsdale home. Buckingham is well known for her modern-chic interior designs and leads a new generation of world-class interior designers.

The home, at 13439 N 79th St., is listed by Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty agent Misha Renteria and displays incomparable interior designs. The ranch property is listed at $1,500,000 and is the perfect fit for anyone who has been looking for something extremely special and unique. This magically colorful, artistic, mid-century modern gem stands alone as an example of what bold color, pattern, lighting, true vintage elements and timeless styling can look like when done by a true professional and master at their craft.

Pulling into the horseshoe-shaped driveway and

9 Interior Design Trends Going Away In 2023

While your home should reflect your personal style, it may also reflect current trends. However, according to interior designer and star of HGTV’s Unfinished Business, Shay Holland, trends shouldn’t be the dominating influence over your home’s aesthetic. “Trends are a great way to clean inspiration and information; not to dictate your home’s design,” she tells me.

Choosing the latest trends can be a bad move in the long run, Holland advises. “Trend forecasting is in large part geared to motivate people to buy more stuff and I’m very sensitive to the fact that many families are facing tough times in this challenging economy,” the designer explains. “I encourage people to play with trends if they want to, but resist feeling like they have to go out and buy a million things to stay in style.”

Whether you are renovating your current home or

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Candles & scents:

“Candles can instantly change the atmosphere and ambience of a room,” says the interior designer Jacqueline Hamilton.

“Not only the glow of a beautifully lit candle can cast a lovely feeling of coziness to a room but also the scent can do that too.

“Choosing a scented candle can create a gorgeous smell in a room and can evoke a feeling of warmth and wellbeing and bring