Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks: Made in the USA


They make stainless steel products all around the world. North America came in third in the production of fabricators in 2015, following Asia and Europe. Selecting a stainless steel kitchen sink of the highest quality can be challenging to track down because of the international companies that trade with the USA. 

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Why are Stainless Steel Sinks Made in the USA

To the average homeowner, a new sink made in the United States may show little difference in quality. A standard-size stainless steel sink in China often looks the same as one made domestically. The primary difference between international and USA manufacturers is the regulations and standards.


For example, China does not comply strictly with high-quality standards like the United States. They may use inferior materials with no one knowing. While Asia has recently secured stainless steel products at a lower price, they regulate the best kitchen sinks with tried-and-true industry tests.

I want to be clear, however. You or I should not consider that all sinks made in China are sub-standard. For example, Blanco makes sinks in China, follows European standards, and uses German engineering. Their quality and design concepts are some of the best in the world. 

One way to determine where high-quality sinks get made is by carefully reading about the company offering sinks in a wide range of styles. Some companies will skate around the fact that they distribute their products in the US but do not mention their manufacturing is elsewhere.

Another way to address manufacturing is by using the word ‘assembly.’ Assembled and shipped from a warehouse in the US is not the same as where the materials get manufactured. Last but not least, advertising a limited lifetime warranty can include or exclude critical parts of the product. 

Follow this guide for a more precise explanation of the material used in premium-quality sinks.

Here is my list of the most prominent American manufacturers of comfortable sinks with the highest standards to help you eliminate many competing products.

American Standard

This American company prides itself on over 140 years of experience and expertise in manufacturing heavy-duty kitchen sinks at reasonable prices. Single bowl sinks with a timeless finish are a brilliant choice for your kitchen remodel project.

Different widths and depths are available to fit most counter spaces. A minimum cabinet size of 24″ depth is acceptable for a 20″ sink, while a 36″ counter requires a 30-32″ sink. Interior designers can give you a better idea of the best size as a top pick to balance out your cabinets and counters.

Stainless steel undermount double basin kitchen island sink with black faucet


Forbes Home highly rated Elkay Sinks as the best-selling stainless sink in America. They carry a lifetime warranty on some models and offer quality in every price range. Sound-dampening pads in the more expensive sinks make Elkay the perfect sink for your kitchen.

The largest sink manufacturer in the world, Elkay Manufacturing, is in Chicago, Illinois. They also make faucets that fit faucet holes, copper sinks, and double bowl sinks that perfectly hold luxury basket strainers. They rate all models 300 series stainless steel or higher.


Kohler is very popular and has been in operation since 1873. Kohler, Wisconsin, got established around the manufacturing plant, which still exists today. Stainless steel and cast iron sinks are specialties in the kitchen and bath industry.

Every design imaginable, from custom sinks to unique designs, keeps Kohler the first choice for homeowners. Balanced proportions and a practical design give a good reason for this company to remain a positive force for American-made products. Whether you are looking for a top-mount sink or a brushed satin finish,  Kohler will not disappoint. 

MR Direct

MR Direct‘s simplicity, low prices, and excellent quality make them a stainless steel sink industry leader. NSF and UPC certified they are proud of their American-made status. A practical design and clean lines in various handmade sink applications give customers what they need in kitchen restoration.

Materials such as cast iron, bamboo, granite, and copper join stainless steel to provide 14 styles in a single bowl undermount sink or a top-mount sink. Shop their website for exceptional promotions, or visit one of the many retailers carrying this brand.


A newer company, Ruvati, began operations in 2009. Specializing in Italian workstations and in Austin, Texas, they continue to rise in superior craftsmanship for high-end homes. A double basin sink that resists extreme temperatures or garbage disposal of commercial quality is not uncommon in Ruvati’s many styles. 

Water conservation and recycled steel are also important factors of Ruvati in bringing more sustainable features to the future. Even though the recovery of these materials is complex, the company remains dedicated to improving the future. Check out the two-tiered workstation for an exciting way to upgrade your kitchen. Everything from a cutting board to a non-porous surface and plenty of room will give you the feel of a New York 5-star restaurant in your meal prep.

Ultra modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances, trims and handles, kitchen island countertop


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel sinks are a complex construction of metals and alloys. SAE steel grades are necessary for providing products that cope well with wear and tear. Out of 150 grades, they commonly used 15 in the kitchen industry. We guarantee the highest quality material for durability, longevity, and stability by choosing American-made stainless steel sinks.

There are many competitors in the stainless steel sink industry. Read the reviews and types of product testing that are done. It is possible to receive an inexpensive model from overseas as opposed to a higher-priced product in the US. However, customer service, returns, and claims usually go much smoother when your kitchen or bathroom sink and accessories get made and distributed locally.

AdvertisementsBe careful of copycats trying to trick you into paying top dollar for inferior goods. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an excellent source for checking out little-known companies and products.