The Alluring Charm of Modern Mosaic Tile


We believe the passion for mosaic tile may have started from religious customs, traditions, or implications. However, this is not the case at all. The first mosaic examples were discovered in Mesopotamia in Western Asia. The period was the third millennium BC. Colored stones and shells made up the wall display. Our ancestors did not glaze the material. 

The most resourceful artists were from Greece and the Egyptians, second in their displays of conflicts and civilizations of their regions. Modern mosaic tiles emerged from trial and error of different materials and glazing. By 64 AD, they covered the walls and ceilings of Pompeii and grand cathedrals with decorative mosaics.


Tessera is the term used to describe a tiny piece of stone or other material crafted to do a mosaic project. It comes from the Latin meaning of “cube.” It is fantastic to look at ancient mosaic tiles in an old Greek building and picture an artist adding pieces one by one to form a lifetime portrait. 

Cultures worldwide have been fascinated with patterns of modern mosaics and geometric shapes. Considered an interior work of art, they comprise 2″x2″ shapes in repetition that form a more significant piece for admiring. Marble mosaic tiles, ceramic tiles, and porcelain mosaic tiles are the most prominent in today’s world. However, the custom mosaic gets created out of many materials. 

From stone countertops to shower wall tile and floors, trade professionals in mosaic tile give homeowners a way to make a personal style. Here are some examples of the unique appearance possible using this ancient method in current times.

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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile begins as a natural clay that is fired in a kiln. We then applied a protective glaze to protect the material from moisture and stains. Today, they mold different shapes and colors into 12″x12″ larger tiles for easy installation. Finished ceramic tile is the perfect way to give a kitchen backsplash a touch of texture and color and has an easy surface for cleaning. 

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is a material that is made from white clay and feldspar and has a more durable surface than ceramic. This makes it perfect for shower floors or outdoor areas. Available in mesh sheets, the porcelain pieces are secure and ready for installation on bathroom walls or an accent wall. Exciting shapes and color tones make porcelain mosaic tile a popular choice.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is just what it sounds like. Pieces of marble, granite, or slate are retrieved from a quarry and cut into small pieces. The mixture of stones presents a natural look in interior decorating. We do not process them to have a shiny surface. Kitchen floors, pools, fireplaces, and other areas prefer this natural beauty look.

Other Mosaic Tile Materials

Glass tile is the Cadillac of materials, especially where reflection is wanted to create a larger space. Any color, shape, sheen, or texture is possible with glass. It is low-maintenance and can be blended with other materials to make a modern style look. The drawback to glass is the complexity of installation. Tile experts are a must in handling the cuts and placement of this material which is also higher than average in cost.

Never-ending creativity is possible with specialty stones like marble, granite, Terra cotta, and other natural materials. Because the choices are so vast, interior designers are often sought after for creating your style in living areas. Wood cubes, specialty stone, and metal are other forms of material that can be intertwined into mosaic tile sheets for a unique look.

Handmade tile in custom colors can take your contemporary mosaic art to the next level of interior design trends. D tiles are today’s answer to making mosaic tile designs with popular styles that you design. 

Mosaic Artful Displays

Micro mosaic patterns are a wonderful way to present a lasting treasure in your home. For example, a picture of your design made of custom pieces can be a unique focal point in an outdoor living room. Vivid pictures in hardscape make a dazzling display on a mosaic tile floor. The art is comparable to a majestic fresco painting of the Renaissance era.  

White marble hexagon mosaic tiles show how luxury is shareable with any decor. Each square foot of tile delivers a polished modern display of sophistication. A mixture of subtle gray and blue individual tile placement creates an inviting look.

Mosaic with farmer and two chicken roosters

Porcelain tile in geometric patterns can be the answer to a kitchen backsplash that offers beauty without going overboard with flashy colors. Mosaic tiles are the latest trend in 3D art that adds an extra dimension to living spaces.

We achieve an entirely new look with alternating raised and recessed hexagon shapes. Not only is this pattern in tune with the opening space, but it can also help to transition to different areas when used on walls.

Modern mosaic tiles allow you to create your signature on any surface. Technology has provided a way to choose from thousands of colors and shapes in a single flexible tile. Individual tesserae can also be purchased for putting your artistic nature to work. 


Today the art of mosaic tile is more straightforward to form than ever by design tools. One company, Daltile, has gone to great lengths to help artisans and homeowners to achieve the perfect design for walls, floors, and more. As a leader in custom tile services, they have the background and knowledge to share with any mosaic tile endeavor. 

From choosing the right design for each atmosphere to using their handy design tool in material and detail, you can form your custom plan with trendy mosaic tile. The stylizer is a simple and accessible format that gives you a screenshot of your finished project.

If you find it difficult to decide how your modern mosaic tile will fit into your redecorating, Daltile can provide hundreds of ideas. If you are interested in learning to tile, try your skill on a small table to appreciate the delicacy of the art. Or call a skilled tile installer in your area to create a professional durable mural.