What Is The Difference Between Cleaning And Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning services Rochester NY are for more extensive jobs than regular janitorial services. They will take care of things like commercial waste cleanup and hazardous cleanup.

Local independent janitorial franchise businesses like JAN-PRO of Upstate New York provide specialized commercial cleaning and disinfection services. They utilize hospital-grade cleaners and high-touch point disinfection systems for various industries.

Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning offers a much more personal service. Clients trust you with their homes and belongings and want to know they can rely on your company to do a great job each time. Residential cleaners typically work in a home or condo weekly or bi-weekly, but some offer on-demand service.

During general cleaning, a housekeeper sweeps and vacuums floors and surfaces, wipes mirrors and fixtures, dusts furniture and appliances, and washes windows (inside and out). The cost will increase if you provide add-on services, like interior window washing or deep cleaning.

Residential cleaning is a multibillion-dollar industry that is easy to start. The startup investment and equipment costs are relatively low, so it’s a good choice for someone who wants to run a business that pays well. If you’re considering diversifying into commercial cleaning, remember that it requires different equipment and a completely different mindset than residential cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning

Unlike residential cleaners, commercial cleaning services Rochester NY have to work with more varied equipment and different types of facilities. They must be able to clean everything from restrooms and kitchens to offices, warehouses, and more. Commercial cleaners are also trained to understand how to handle hazardous materials and other sensitive equipment properly.

When choosing the right commercial cleaning services Rochester NY, communicate clearly with them so both parties are on the same page with what needs to be done. Be specific with your requests, such as “clean the carpets” or “remove stains on the sofa.” This will help you avoid any future problems.

Your local JAN-PRO janitorial franchise business offers a range of specialized cleaning and disinfection services. These include high-touch point disinfection, electrostatic disinfection, and green cleaning. These specialized cleaning techniques are essential for facilities with a critical sanitary environment, such as medical offices and manufacturing plants.

Special Event Cleaning

Special event cleaning services focus on the behind-the-scenes tasks involved in preparing and cleaning up after a special event. This includes sweeping floors, vacuuming carpets and rugs, cleaning windows, cleaning bathrooms, and removing trash. They may also provide sanitizing for heavily used fixtures like toilets and sinks.

Ask for references and read reviews if you are considering a company for your event. Knowing how they treat their employees and whether they offer a satisfaction guarantee is essential. This will help you avoid a bad experience.

A reputable commercial cleaning service in Rochester, NY, will do background checks on their employees and provide reliable workers. It is also good to find out what cleaning equipment they use. It is crucial to find out if they use green cleaning products. This is better for the environment. This also means that they are not using toxic chemicals. This will prevent your guests from having allergic reactions.

What is the Difference?

Commercial cleaning services in Rochester NY are more apt to clean specialty facilities like cleanrooms, medical facilities, and industrial facilities. They use sophisticated technology and rigorous cleaning methods to guarantee optimal hygienic conditions. In comparison, residential cleaners are better suited to standard office or home cleaning.

General cleaning is done regularly to keep areas clean and presentable. Depending on the agreed frequency, they will perform routine tasks like vacuuming, dusting, and mopping. They will also take care of any trash or waste. Deep cleaning is a service that considers areas that need to be cleaned.

Some people mistakenly think that a commercial cleaner will clean better than a residential one, but the truth is that they offer different services. If you need a professional cleaning company to help you with your business, contact JAN-PRO today. They are an earth-friendly Rochester commercial cleaning company committed to customer satisfaction.