Window Maintenance Tips for the Fall Season

Maintain excellent heating and cooling energy efficiency during fall by keeping your windows in good shape. Proper window maintenance during this season guarantees that your windows will protect your home and keep it comfortable throughout the colder months. 

Window Maintenance Tips

Here are some essential maintenance tips for windows this fall.

Sashes, Frames and Windows

Use a non-abrasive cloth or brush to clean the sashes of your windows. Go through the frames, sashes and grilles. Be sure to remove all debris and dust.

Operable Parts

Use a vacuum to remove the dust collecting on the sills and tracks. A portable vacuum can clean small amounts of dust while a stronger vacuum can remove stubborn and caked dirt, making the latter ideal if you want more thorough cleaning.


Wipe the glass with soapy water or a liquid window cleaner using a soft, dry cloth. Make sure to use a residue-free cleaner on the glass. Ideally, schedule your window cleaning on a cloudy day so that your cleaning solution won’t dry too quickly and create streaks on the glass.


Use a soft cloth dampened with water and wipe it lightly against the insect screen. Release the latches in the side jambs of the screen, then pull the insect screen outward, and tilt it away from you to remove it successfully. Reverse the process to reinstall the screen after cleaning.

Locks, Handles and Hinges

Check your windows for stiffness as well as sticking or broken locks. Call a window professional to repair any faulty locks, handles and hinges to improve your window’s operability. 

If your windows have warped due to moisture or can no longer be cleaned no matter how hard to try, consider replacing them. Consult a window professional so you can get a proper assessment of your old windows and recommendations on which windows will suit your needs.

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