Pilgrim Furniture City’s Interior Home Design Service Helps Make Your Home More “You”

New Haven, Conn. (WTNH) – Shopping for home furniture can be an enjoyable experience and the right guidance can help transform your home into the space of your dreams. CT Style Host Natasha Lubczenko was joined in the studio by Pilgrim Furniture City Showroom Sales Manager and Design Consultant Jenny Souzato discuss this free service available to customers.

Jenny says, “As design consultants, our main goal is to create customers’ visions by assisting them during the furniture selection process. And, as we know, that can be a little overwhelming for some. So, we are there from the very beginning, assisting with color, design, as well as style.”

Pilgrim Furniture City also offers custom design, as well. Jenny notes, “We have some beautiful pieces with our Daniels Amish. You can basically customize. You can pick your wood, pick your stain, select your hardware. There are tons of choices, and the options are absolutely endless.
We truly want to make the customer’s space their own.”

Many people like the idea of ​​customization for their spaces but assume that the cost is sky-high. So, they plan on just walking into a showroom and picking something off the floor.
But at Pilgrim Furniture Citythere is no additional cost for customizations.

Jenny reminded our viewers, “We truly want to make sure that we are giving the customers what they want and that vision we set, and bringing it to life, essentially for them. And in the end, they’re very satisfied, and they’re not just essentially picking something that, you know, they’re less satisfied with. They’re getting something more customized that really suits them.”

In this interview, you’ll see three different photos of beautifully designed rooms, and Jenny
walks our viewers through what they’re seeing and talks about the design process for each.

She starts with the Living Room photo, and says, “We are seeing a lot of trends with the light colors, like the light grays in this room, and you see some soft pops of color. And then, where you have the light, you have a little bit of the dark accents, just which gives the room a really nice balance.”

Next, she shows us a dining room that she helped design, with a lighter and brighter look.
Jenny says, “We’re seeing a lot of the modern farmhouse trends. And what’s really nice with this design is that, you know, depending on how you customize it, you can also make it look contemporary, believe it or not. So, it has a lot of different options. And also, going with more of the neutrals and creams gives you endless, endless possibilities with ways to design your room.”

Finally, Jenny shows us a soothing and calm bedroom design. She says, “Again, we are seeing a lot of the soft colors. We’re really not seeing much of the browns, as you’ve seen in the past two pictures. Here, it’s the grays and the whites and you have the soft blues. So, again, we’re just keeping the room light and bright.” This is a theme we’ve seen across all three photos Jenny shared with us today.

Pilgrim Furniture City has its best New Year’s Sale going on now through New Year’s Day.
Jenny says, “If you are in the market just to just furnish one room or the whole house, now’s the time to actually come in and shop with us. Because not only do we have a fabulous discount going on, we have some excellent interest-free financing offers as well.”

“We also have hundreds of different styles in stock ready to go. So if you’re looking for something fairly quickly, we can get it out to you. And you know, Pilgrim can be your one-stop shop.”

To learn more, visit the Pilgrim Furniture City Website at: www.pilgrimfurniturecity.com