Challenger Designs for an Outdoor Kitchen


A custom outdoor kitchen can round out your living style with sophisticated features for entertaining, family meals, and pure enjoyment of the great outdoors. Whether you dream of a simple brick island designed for your outdoor kitchen project or a larger outdoor entertainment area, turn to the Challenger designs outdoor kitchen plans for a professional look. You can decide what that may look like with your own application of these plans.

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Challenger Bespoke Designs

Bespoke models begin with the customer’s ideas for their style. A 3-D rendering of your design is the right way to consider the perfect layout and product line of options. Outdoor space is always a consideration for moving in outdoor kitchen equipment. Outdoor kitchen kits with mobility on durable casters can also allow you to move in the party with little setup involved.


Challenger Designs, LLC started building custom aluminum cabinets in 2008. However, they were not strangers to the industry, with the creative engineering and design of race cars, golf carts, and commercial projects. Providing the same quality and service to aluminum cabinetry just seemed natural.

Located in Nappanee, Indiana, the perfect fit for custom-made craftsmanship of challenger designs’ cabinets soon followed. This area is home to one of the larger Amish communities where their furniture making has become a symbol of American pride and quality. I expected no less from businesses of this small community, and Challenger delivers with their custom cabinet maker team.

Distinctive Kitchen Lines

Canyon Series

Canyon cupboard dry-storage inserts get made to fit into the kitchen hardscape. They deliver a seamless built-in appearance of equipment and offer convenience features such as dry-sealed storage compartments. They can engineer appliance cabinets to hold your upscale inserts, whether you have a large stainless steel grill or a big green egg unit. 

Grill installation is as easy as placing the unit into the custom-made space. From a refrigerator opening as a front mount to a countertop Green Egg grill, precision machining creates a foundation for all storage and cooking needs.

The Green Egg is an outdoor cooking experience for those who love more than just grilling. This enclosed ceramic cooker can grill, roast, smoke, and bake delectable foods in a temperature-controlled ‘egg.’ Outdoor storage in a Challenger design unit is a custom option; both carry a limited lifetime warranty.

Coastal Series

An easy complete kitchen unit is a hassle-free choice for receiving coastal kitchen islands. They make many designs as freestanding units with choices of a gas grill base specific to various ceramic grill manufacturers. Challenger designs aluminum cabinet configurations with back panels and a low maintenance counter top. An adjustable shelf in each cabinet allows for storing accessories and cooking utensils. 

Shipped, fully assembled, experienced designers offer popular models that will fit your application. Waterproof storage and outdoor-rated powder coating make this low-maintenance cabinet and built-in features an ideal choice for year-round use.

Grill Carts

Not all enjoyable living space has room for an elaborate kitchen. A portable grill cart can be the perfect choice for a smaller patio. If you have smaller grills or a spark cart, our team can incorporate your existing equipment into the selection of challenger grill carts. Spark caddies have a modern look with a free option of grab handles or towel bars. 

Different lengths of open grill carts are available and built to withstand the test of time. Other units have a low-maintenance cabinet beneath for a tool chest or natural gas hook-ups. As with the larger models, challenger carts offer outdoor cabinetry that is fingerprint resistant and made to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Safety of Outdoor Kitchens

With the expansion of outdoor kitchens comes the code requirements of gas pipes, receptacle outlets, and water connection and waste. While manufacturers may offer convenience features to entice buyers, it is the responsibility of the customer to follow all federal and local codes and the manufacturer’s installation instructions. 

Running a gas line is crucial when the line is from inside the house. A licensed plumber or mechanical contractor should handle this custom option. Designated receptacle outlets should also get installed or may already exist on the home’s exterior. This is to avoid using extension cords for power.

Few people have a sink base and sink cabinet, but the idea is becoming more and more prominent. Water can be an easy project, but a drain, waste, and vent system (DWV) can require the work of a specialist. 

Challenger Designs is today’s alternative to moving the fun outdoors for different weather conditions. Full enclosures protect accessories, and weatherproof storage will keep your unit secure during inclement weather. You will also find many tips on outdoor cooking and entertaining for upcoming holidays and parties. We can also find wonderful recipes and tips for cooking on their website and Facebook page.

If you have always wanted a hobby where food and fun are involved, check out the creation of an outdoor kitchen and start making memories.