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Considerable thought goes into designing a home’s interior. From which color to paint the walls to the size of the living room couch, homeowners must make a variety of decisions when planning their home interiors.

One way to simplify interior design decisions is to choose a style. Interior design styles run the gamut from traditional to modern, and each style has its own unique look and feel.

Even though homeowners need not feel adherent to any particular item associated with a given style, three of the more popular styles, traditional, modern and farmhouse, each have certain key components that can ensure a home ends up with a look the homeowner is aiming for.


Homes with a traditional interior style give a formal yet welcoming feel. Many individuals associate crown molds and wainscoting with traditional interiors, so that’s something homeowners aiming for this style should keep in mind. Minimal or modern furniture pieces don’t fit with the traditional style, which tends to utilize period pieces made from real wood.


Modern interiors may differ depending on which style of modern homeowners are aiming for. Midcentury modern typically features unique furnishings that some might see as retro. However, many companies now offer updated takes on mid-century modern that call to mind a bygone era but don’t make individuals feel as though they’re living in a museum.

Urban modern is another popular modern style, and home interiors fashioned in this style tend to be light, airy and not crowded with furnishings. Calm, soft tones are a go-to with urban modern interiors, helping to create the serene settings many homeowners are hoping to create with this style.


Farmhouse has become very popular in recent years. In fact, a recent survey from the interior design service Modsy found that the farmhouse was the most popular design style in 26 states. Farmhouse is beloved for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is its association with a simpler lifestyle.

The rustic charm of the countryside is never far from the mind when in a home with a farmhouse-inspired interior. Traditional farmhouses and modern farmhouses are of different styles, but natural materials and bright colors, particularly white walls, are elements shared by both.