Is It a Good Idea to Add Grilles to Your New Windows?

During a window replacement project, homeowners are sometimes caught in a dilemma of whether to add grilles to their windows or not. 

New Windows

Grilles: Then and Now

In the past, the transportation of large pieces of glass was difficult due to the possibility of breakage. Because of this, the panes were divided and shipped in smaller sections. Then, grilles were used to connect these smaller panes and form full-sized windows. 

Nowadays, grilles are no longer needed for structural support and are only used for aesthetics. However, there are some windows with grilles on the outside of the glass. This makes window cleaning difficult because of the added nooks and crannies. Choose windows with grilles inside the glass units to avoid this inconvenience. 

Factors to Consider When Adding Window Grilles

  • Architectural style: Generally, window grilles complement traditional homes, such as Colonial and New England. On the other hand, grilles are usually avoided in modern houses.
  • Outdoor view: Another important consideration when deciding whether or not to add grilles is what your area looks like. If you have breathtaking views outside, you should choose windows without grilles.
  • Preference: Sometimes, it all boils down to your preferred style. If you think grilles would add to the appeal of your home, then by all means incorporate them into the design of your windows. If you want a minimalist look, you can just skip the grilles to enjoy larger, uninterrupted expanses of glass.

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